Released Open Source Software

Niced0.7.4For more details see niced FAQ and niced theory.
Nicer1.3Single replacement for unix nice and renice which selects maximum "niceness" for batch jobs. The nicer homepage has details on how to use it as part of a batch queue-less system.
Firefox Prefetch1.0A scalable prefetch for Firefox using Greasmonkey. A Firefox greasemonkey script enabling prefetching for all sublinks in a document with configurable % of links are downloaded, with random selection. Some of this technology has been incorporated into the Fasterfox extension. Note that version 1.0 does not honour robots.txt so should not be used. Fasterfox does honour the robots.txt so it's best to use that for now.
emacs samba mode0.22emacs mode for editing samba config files smb-mode.el
emacs weblint mode1.4emacs weblint mode based on the original weblint mode (dead link You will need to already have installed weblint . More thanks are listed in the program.
GHelp1.1By typing "help", users will find themselves in a simple unix help utility which lists the most important commands. When given arguments, it will run them though man -k and then the man command. It has a simple sanity checking pager support with simple instructions. The content can of course be locally configured.
SRS icarus mode1.0A Major Mode for editing and running SRS icarus (LION Bioscience AG) in Emacs. Due to the commercial nature of SRS, note that I have not licenced this as freeware. Please mail me for the current licence.
whatif mode1.2A Major Mode for editing and running WHAT IF scripts in Emacs.

Note that no support is given, and no warranty either. Use is at your own risk.

Last modified: 23 Nov 2006 Johnny Weare