How I successfully modded my desktop PC hardware


The basic idea is to correct (optimise) the airflow.


near-silent fans = low speed fans

low speed fans = low airflow rate

low (case exit) airflow rates -> CPU warmed air does not get immediately exited

non-exited CPU warmed air -> CPU fan recycling warm air


Break the CPU warm air recycling with a cool air intake pipe (taking air from the floor intake fan to the CPU fan).


  • near-silent operation (all fans running at low speed, best with temp sensing, plus post-off cooling)
  • CPU hot air not recirculated (important as slow case fans do not exit fast)
  • new airflow pipe (taking cool air from near floor case to CPU fan)


  • plastic tubing (5 Euro)
  • case fans (near-silent 120mm about 20 Euro)


  • vertical airflow
  • flow from front to back 
  • all fans running at low speed for near-silent operation
  • floor case intake fan large (120mm much better than anything else, especially at low speeds)
  • as many exit fans near to CPU as possible
  • exit fan(s) at case top/rear
  • large fans much better than multiple smaller fans 


watch this space -  must take my machine down for the pictures!

(C) 2005-2006 Johnathon Weare