SMB Mode (Samba Mode) for Emacs

SMB Mode (Samba Mode) for Emacs

Here is a simple Samba Mode - SMB Mode - for Emacs.


Get the latest vesion 0.22

How to install

put smb-mode.el in a directory that is in your load-path (see below), and put the following in your ~/.emacs file

; smb-mode
(autoload 'smb-mode "smb-mode" nil t)
   (setq auto-mode-alist (append '(("smb\\.conf$" . smb-mode))

changing your emacs load-path

to add a directory to your emacs load-path, put the following in your ~/.emacs file

(setq load-path (cons "~/emacs-files" load-path))


The original version 0.21 appears to have gone offline.

Compatible with

Tested on emacs 21.x, 20.x, xemacs 20.x.

Original Version v0.21

This is a newer version of the excellent original smb-mode 0.21 by Fraser McCrossan <> for editing samba config files smb.conf inside emacs/xemacs. This version of smb-mode.el allows some simple font locking. Fraser McCrossan has also added my changes to his original source.

Last modified: July 31 CEST 2006 Johnny Weare